Nicole Anna Ettman

Community Events

Saturday Game Night at Nick's

Board Game Brawl

Come out and game with us! We'll play all kinds of different modern, hobby board games: Euro games, Ameritrash games, cooperative games, party games, etc. You can always feel free to request a game or bring one of your favorites to try and get it...

Dinner at DD Flats

The Cultural Singles

I stumbled upon DD Flats by accident.  Saw the sign and was intrigued.  I love “gourmet” flatbreads you know the ones, with goat cheese and grilled pears etc.  I went in to investigate their menu. Their menu is akin to flat breads around...

Saturday Night Dinner Out - 9/24

Palm Beach/Broward Couples Get-Together

Dinner at 8PM Dance to Beatles Type Band starting at 10PM We did this about a years ago and EVERYONE RAVED about it. Food was good, band and dancing was GREAT Let's Go Out For Dinner! 4th Saturday of every month---excluding holidays. Good...

Sept 24th: Lock & Key Singles Mingle next Meetup in Delray Beach: AGES 30s-50s


Join us for South Florida's September Delray Beach Lock and Key Singles Party! A great non-intimidating way to meet singles in the South FL area! Details of our next Meet-up: September 24th, 2016 (Saturday) Lock and Key Events are the new,...